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Barry on CFAX 1070 re early drumming days with Chuck Berry

Hey all, this coming weekend there is an interview with me on Barry's Bowman's show "Boomertown" on CFAX 1070. It runs Saturday 8pm-9pm and then a repeat on Sunday from 3pm-4pm. It is in section #4 of the show. Hope you can catch it. Cheers, Barry

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A Big Thanks to all my Students

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for taking drum lessons with me. January and February of 2018 have been the best months in terms of number of students in the past 7 years of teaching at Tempo-Trend. I must be doing something right. Thanks to you all. Cheers, Barry

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The Best Drumming Advice You will Ever Get

Before I start rambling on here I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have taken drum lessons with me, some from years ago and some who are currently enrolled. Today I have students from 4 to 64 years old. If 2017 was a frustrating year for you, perhaps decrease some of that stress by getting back to drumming?   I've been playing drums now for almost ???? years. Anyway it's [...]

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Wishing all my drum students the best in 2018

A big thanks to all of you for making 2017 my best year yet at drum teaching. Another thank you for the great Xmas gifts. This year I have had students from 4 years old to 64 year old. Such fun meeting people who love drums the way I do.  I was able to paint up the studio in 2017 with bright colours that improved the feel in the room along with adding some insulation [...]

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A Great Idea for Drummers

Hey guys We all struggle with practicing. Most of the problem is keeping the mind where you want it to stay - on the drum practice. Very hard to do sometimes, especially when you think you will do a half hour and find yourself at the end of the half hour not having accomplished what you wanted. So try this! Just practice whatever it is your working on for just 5 minutes. That's right just [...]

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