Barry Casson has been shooting and directing films and videos for over 25 years and has over 60 corporate videos, educational films, TV commercials and TV dramas to his credit. He and his business partner Donna Clausen started Vancouver Island’s first film school in Victoria, British Columbia in 1989. Through his company Casson Pictures, Barry has garnered numerous national and international awards for his films and videos.

Today Barry provides speaking seminars and hands-on workshops on various aspects of film and video production to high schools, colleges, Chambers of Commerce, and other business groups.

Play Clip > Barry Casson sharing video production tips and best practices during a Public Speaking Event for the Kelowna, BC Chamber of Commerce.


“Your presentation to the school not only explained a variety of career possibilities but may also foster an expanded program at the school. Another serendipity of your talk at the school is the potential for a first-time relationship between the school and the Thompson Chamber of Commerce. Relationships such as this are invaluable to building new futures for communities such our ours. But one of the most exciting outcomes of your visit is that you attracted the interest of some of our risk takers and creative thinkers. Barry, we were hoping you would plant seeds for us and you did. But you also opened doors for many people. You certainly surpassed all our expectations. Thanks so much for all you’ve done.”

Penny Byer, Vice-President, Thompson Chamber of Commerce
“Barry Casson has packed a lot of information about creating corporate videos into this dynamic book. A corporate video is an important business tool in this day of YouTube. The business owner could read this book and become the producer.”
The US Review of Books
“An excellent book for anyone who wants to understand how a film shoot really works. Peppered with illuminating first-hand examples from Casson’s film and video making experiences. This book will save you a lot of time and money, and is a great read.”
Tim Monshansky, Author, A to Z Guide to Film Terms
“This book is a keeper, a tiny jewel. Every sales and marketing manager of every small to mid-sized company in the country should have a copy if they have even considered making a corporate video or local TV commercial…”
Don Angus, Editor, Canadian Society of Cinematographers Magazine
Film & Video Presentations for Your Business with Barry Casson, csc, Public Speaker