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Barry’s background in presenting seminars and workshops spans more than 25 years. From building a one night per week film course at Camosun College into an 8-month intensive program to starting Vancouver Island’s first film school, he knows his way around a group, keen to learn more about the many topics Barry can present.

Barry has traveled extensively providing seminars and interactive “How To” film and video workshops for school teachers in high schools, colleges, universities, as well as for business groups. And all with rave reviews on his performance. (See Barry’s Testimonials.)

When the town of Thompson, Manitoba was questioning its future, they called on Barry to deliver his one of a kind seminar on “How to Attract the Film Industry to Your Town”. Did it work? Read below…

Barry Casson, csc, 'Take Action' Public Speaker, Musician, Drummer, Director, Cinematographer, Photographer and Author

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Barry’s international award-winning children’s outdoor survival film “Lost in The Woods” (already credited with saving the life of one 8-year-old boy) has been shown throughout Canada and the United States and has become a staple in many elementary schools. It is also the perfect educational tool for youth during Summer Camps with Barry Casson offering his exciting seminar to kids on how the film was made.


“Your presentation to the school not only explained a variety of career possibilities but may also foster an expanded program at the school. Another serendipity of your talk at the school is the potential for a first-time relationship between the school and the Thompson Chamber of Commerce. Relationships such as this are invaluable to building new futures for communities such our ours. But one of the most exciting outcomes of your visit is that you attracted the interest of some of our risk takers and creative thinkers. Barry, we were hoping you would plant seeds for us and you did. But you also opened doors for many people. You certainly surpassed all our expectations. Thanks so much for all you’ve done.”

Penny Byer, Vice-President, Thompson Chamber of Commerce

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