Barry Casson, csc, Public Speaking, Music, Film, Video - photo by Steve Noble

Barry Casson, csc, Public Speaker

When you’re looking for a public speaker it makes smart business sense to hire someone who has been there, done that and has the T-shirt. Someone who has become successful in every one of his career changes.

Someone who is optimistic, with an engaging personality, that can motivate an audience from personal experience.

And that certainly is Barry Casson csc. His inspirational talks and presentations on “How to Become Who You Were Meant to Be” are loaded with the tools and techniques to change your life.

The perfect choice for your next event, conference, meeting or seminar.



Passion for your Work Could Change Your Life… It Changed Mine!

I received an article recently that mentioned the number one thing that people regretted on their deathbed. That number one thing was... "Not following their passion and doing what they wanted to do in life to make a living". I found myself thinking about my own life and the numerous professions I have been involved in. I actually felt good that I had followed my own passions and belief in myself [...]

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