Hey guys
We all struggle with practicing. Most of the problem is keeping the mind where you want it to stay – on the drum practice. Very hard to do sometimes, especially when you think you will do a half hour and find yourself at the end of the half hour not having accomplished what you wanted.

So try this! Just practice whatever it is your working on for just 5 minutes. That’s right just 5 minutes. But the five minutes has to be a focused 5 minutes with no breaks. Just stay with it.

Find a comfortable speed and stick with the routine. Now even if you only get 5 to 10 minutes done, it will be more than a half hour of interrupted practice time with your mind flying all over the place.

It has worked for me and I hope it works for you. Can you dig it???

Do have friends thinking of drum lessons? Send them to my every Saturday free drum clinic from 1 to 2 p.m.at Tempo-Trend and if they sign up for just one month and mention your name – you get a free drum lesson.

Cheers, Barry