Well the big reason for taking lessons is simply that you will learn:




1. How to avoid making the mistakes that all self taught drummers always make
2. You will learn faster, taking lessons than teaching yourself
3. You will learn how to be versatile in all areas of drumming, Rock, Funk. Jazz and latin.

I had a fellow approach me for lessons recently who wanted to just learn how to be a heavy metal drummer.
I had to tell him I wasn’t the guy to teach him because his approach seemed rather narrow to me. I know a lot of great drummers and their ability to play any style is what makes them great. Beside which being able to play all styles provides them with more income than just being able to play one style.

The great “session” drummers in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles make a good living because they are hired by a producer who knows that they can cut whatever style is needed in the recording. He or She knows that hiring versatile musicians will save money on the session expenses because of fewer takes of the song… “a no brainer!”

I started like many young drummers thinking I would just pick it up and become a great drummer in no time. Then after a couple of frustrating years of teaching myself I wondered what it was that was holding me back from getting better. I just didn’t have the answers to my problems. Then I invested in myself and started checking out local teachers. The one I eventually signed up with had a wealth of experience and showed me the straight forward answers to my problems that I would never forget and would never learned, trying to teach myself.

Having said all this there is one more important point. Even taking lessons from a knowledgable drum teacher, if you don’t apply yourself you won’t achieve your goal. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and focus to put in the time that is needed to bring you up to a professional level.

It’s one thing in drumming to learn a rhythm. It’s much more difficult to be able to pull that rhythm out of your drum bag and play it at the moment it’s needed. It’s kind of like, Learn the rhythm from practicing so many hours per day for a week or two. Now play this rhythm 300 to 500 times so that you can use it whenever you choose in any song at any time…that’s knowing the groove.

A well known famous drummer friend of mine once told me this. “There’s lot’s of room at the top…It’s the bottom that’s crowded.” Think about it!…do you have the dedication?…The focus?… The discipline? To be a great drummer?

Cheers, Barry
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