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How to avoid the biggest mistakes you can make in selecting a drum teacher.

So you’re interested in taking some drum lessons but want to make sure you get the right training and good value for the dollars you’re spending. Whether you are in a school band and just starting out, coming back after years away, or just want to learn to groove with drums, I can help you.

Barry Casson, music teacher, drums, drumming, Victoria, British Columbia Canada

I’ve been playing drums professionally and teaching drumming for many years. I draw from my experience playing thousands of gigs, with some of the biggest musical legends around the world, in teaching you the most important techniques you need to succeed. It’s all about ‘Groove and Feel’ and I will show you how to build that in the shortest possible time.

Some drum teachers just want to get you in every week for the lesson but don’t really have a plan or long-term vision for you. They will pull out a drum book and go through bits with you, but what you really need to learn is how to play on stage where you won’t have the drum book.

Good drumming is all about control. It is easier to play fast and loud than to play slow and quite. Some heavy rock drummers out there today can look pretty flashy with their rock chops but when it comes to all-round playing a number of them are very limited.

Today’s music has seen a merge of Jazz and Latin into the Rock Genre. And If you don’t get those grooves down you will find yourself saying hello to the guy who is replacing you. You need to know, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin and how to read a chart and that’s what I will teach you. A good groovy drummer today kicks butt and drives the other musicians on stage to bring out their best.

I’m proud to say I have a great rapport with my students and make their drum lessons both fun and educational. My students range in age from 6 to 65. Check out some of the testimonials from drum seminars that I have provided for local school band programs.

Contact me asap and let’s get you into the exciting world of drumming.

Here’s to good chops!


Barry Casson, music teacher, drums, drumming, Victoria, British Columbia Canada

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