Hi Barry, I should be the one sending you a thank you note, and I was remiss. I really enjoyed your session, as did the kids. Thank you so much.
Ian Farish, St. Michaels University School
Thanks, Barry, I always learn so much too, but I think the kids were very keen and I do hope it generates some students for you. It was an excellent seminar.
Sheri Robertson, Royal Oak Middle School
Barry gave a very informative seminar that inspired many of the students. It was a treat to hear him recall experiences with some the great musicians of our time. Thank you very much.
Ian Dakin, Selkirk Middle School
Thank you Barry for making the time to give a drum seminar to my students. Immediately after your session one student went right to work practicing the basic rock pattern and within a couple of minutes he was playing the pattern confidently. During the band class I gave him an opportunity to practice this new skill by playing a rock beat accompaniment rather than the usual snare drum rhythm. He was beaming with happiness at his accomplishment. The drumming seminar contained a wealth of information from rudiments to drummers, equipment manufacturers to checking mallet grip. Your drumming experience engaged my advanced students. I appreciated you taking a few moments after the session to work individually with a novice percussionist; the praise you gave the student has helped him become more confident with playing the drum set. On behalf of the percussionists at GHMS thank you for the drumming seminar last week.
Andrea Blair, Gordon Head Middle School
Barry Casson, music teacher, drums, drumming, Victoria, British Columbia Canada