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Catch the Beat with Barry Casson

Barry Casson, CSC, Music Teacher, Drum Instructor

Barry Casson started playing drums at age 16 and has played with numerous local bands, both big and small. His range of styles includes Rock, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues as well as Latin and big band.

For 13 months, Barry toured England and parts of Europe providing the solid beat behind such legendary rockers as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and The Drifters, along with other touring Motown artists.

Well known Victoria raised musician, David Foster was part of this touring band and remains close friends with Barry today.

As a result of his early contribution to the Victoria music scene, Barry has been inducted twice into Victoria’s Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.

For the last 12 years, Barry has provided the solid beat behind well known 50’s and 60’ rock and roll group, Rukus and teaches modern drumming at Tempo-trend Music in Victoria.

Drumming Instruction

Barry Casson, music teacher, drums, drumming, Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Barry Casson, CSC, Music Teacher

So you’re interested in taking some drum lessons but want to make sure you get the right training and good value for the dollars you’re spending. Whether you are in a school band and just starting out, coming back after years away, or just want to learn to groove with drums, I can help you.


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