It’s All About The Things In Life That We Never Finished.

Did you Ever look back and wish you could have finished that thing or those several things that you started and never finished? You know, that back yard fence project that got sidetracked; that course you quit half way through; that retirement savings programs you dropped to buy the boat. We all have them and for the most part they leave us alone, but then every so often they can grab on to our feelings of failure and pound us with guilt.

I see this same thing when I’m teaching drums. From time to time to time I see individuals start drum lessons, are very keen and really enjoy learning. They appear very enthusiastic, show up on time and do the practice needed, but then something changes? I realize that sometimes lack of finances can play a part, or other important things in life, but if that isn’t the case, then it does seem to be a waste of time and money to start something that you really want to do and then just give it up.

My successful students have been with me for years. They have gained and applied a lot of drumming knowledge and certainly taught me some things along the way. In the beginning they had a clear picture of themselves achieving their goal when they started lessons and they carried it through. They realized that following their passion was not only fun, but got their heads out of dealing with the mundane

and boring parts of life that we all contend with every day. That’s the cool thing about practicing drums or any musical instrument. When you practice, your attention is all there, you’re focused, and the rest of your problems take second place.

What is it that motivates anyone to start anything? It’s the desire to achieve which generally has a completion date. (you cook a meal, you build a house, you play a game) they all have endings. I remember putting my first barbecue together. For most people it was a couple of hours of work, but for me it became a vocation, but it did have a end.

I met a very successful man some years back and I wanted to know how he ran his life. He showed me a big binder he had on his desk with a list of items under the heading “Things I’m Going To Do.” I remember a few like… “Jump Out of a Plane”… “Go Down in a Submarine”… Quite a few of them had check marks next to them as they were completed.

He finished what he started! I’m sure he derived a lot of satisfaction looking back at what he was able to accomplish and it seems to me that it hadn’t much to do with money but rather his the desire for completion. Perhaps that’s the reason why he was so successful.
Thanks for reading this.

Cheers, Barry
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