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    How To Become Who You Were Meant To Be by Barry Casson Foreward by David Foster How To Become Who You Were Meant To Be by Barry Casson Foreward by David Foster
    • In the following pages, you will experience what was like to be a rock star drummer behind Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and The Original Drifters on British and French tours. • What it felt like to fear for your life at a concert riot at London’s Saville Theatre attended by all the big rock stars of the day. • Experience the exhausting life on the road in England & Europe with my six musician buddies from Victoria, including my good friend and now famous Hollywood Music Producer David Foster. • The secret that allowed me to change from a 26-year-old beginning photographer to an established press photographer with an estimated 4,000 published photos. • What it took to overcome the lack of a high school diploma and find a way to be accepted to study film at Columbia College in the center of Hollywood. • How I created a children’s dramatic outdoor survival film that went on to international fame along with having the pleasure of watching one of my films broadcast four times across Canada by CBC. • How My partner and I overcame the struggles and created Vancouver Island’s first film training school. • The importance of the support from your friends and family as you move toward your goals • Believing in my communication skills and then becoming a public speaker. • “You have a lot of knowledge”, she said, “you should write it all down”…and so I became a published author.

    You can do everything that I did and more, once you decide to…

    “Become Who You Were Meant To Be”

    So let’s get started...

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    “Barry Casson has packed a lot of information about creating corporate videos into this 115 page book. A corporate video is an important business tool in this day of YouTube. The business owner could read this book and become the producer.” - The US Review of Books “This book is a keeper, a tiny jewel. Every sales and marketing manager of every small to mid-sized company in the country should have a copy if they have even considered making a corporate video or local TV commercial…” - DON ANGUS, Editor, Canadian Society of Cinematographers Magazine “An excellent book for anyone who wants to understand how a film shoot really works. Peppered with illuminating first-hand examples from Casson’s film and video making experiences. This book will save you a lot of time and money, and is a great read.” - TIM MOSHANSKY, Author, A to Z Guide to Film Terms

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