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    “Barry Casson has packed a lot of information about creating corporate videos into this 115 page book. A corporate video is an important business tool in this day of YouTube. The business owner could read this book and become the producer.” - The US Review of Books “This book is a keeper, a tiny jewel. Every sales and marketing manager of every small to mid-sized company in the country should have a copy if they have even considered making a corporate video or local TV commercial…” - DON ANGUS, Editor, Canadian Society of Cinematographers Magazine “An excellent book for anyone who wants to understand how a film shoot really works. Peppered with illuminating first-hand examples from Casson’s film and video making experiences. This book will save you a lot of time and money, and is a great read.” - TIM MOSHANSKY, Author, A to Z Guide to Film Terms
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    Lost in the Woods by Barry Casson Lost in the Woods by Barry Casson
    "Voted Most Popular live action film at Chicago International Film Festival" A survival story about a boy who gets lost in the woods. During a camping trip with his parents, he goes to explore the forest and forgets his way back. He spends the night alone using survival tips he learned from a TV show.