Are you struggling with your drum practice sessions?
Use this system and watch how fast you improve!
I call my practice system the BPM system and it has worked
for me for a long time, I’ve turned my students on to it and
it has worked for them and it can work for you.
You have probably noticed sometimes when you sit down to
practice drums that you begin to wonder if you are really improving,
or is that para-diddle groove still sounding about the same to you as it has
for the past month or two. You have probably also noticed how your
mind keeps wandering off into other areas besides drumming. This is
what we all have to overcome if we are going to improve our chops.
The BPM system stands for Barry’s Practice Method and this is how it works.
Get yourself a large notepad and pin it up next to where you practice. You will
need a Metronome. You’re going to have 4 headings on the page and only 4.
Label the headings:
Under list write in what needs to be worked on. An example might be: Rudiments,
Reading Practice Rock Fills, New Grooves. You can change these headings anytime
to fit your needs.
At the end of each practice right in the date, the time you spent practicing and the
metronome speed on things like rudiments. You can gradually move up your
Metronome speed as you improve, (but I suggest only by a few increments per week or
two.) It is really important here to do your practice sessions on a regular basis, at least
three or four times per week for say a minimum of a half to an hour per day. You simply
won’t get the same results from doing 5 hours every Saturday.
Here’s the beauty of this system. After a month or two you can look back at your notes
and see for certain just how far you have come since you started this system. It’s a great
feeling to actually see the results of your hard work and to know for sure that you are
getting better, faster and sharper with your playing.
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