You have the burning passion it takes to become a good drummer!!

  • You’ve seen some great drummers. You want it bad – and you want to learn it all as quickly as soon as possible…Right?

“Don’t Waste Your Time”

  • You don’t want to waste your time and money anymore learning from a teacher with no real World experience and just wants your dollars.My drum training techniques come from years of practical experience on the stage along with years of teaching.

“Not getting the proper training now could hold you back.”

I know exactly where you’re at. I developed bad drum habits until I learned from a good teacher & at twenty two I gave up my day job and everything and struck out for England to get into the Rock n Roll biz.I was the drummer and toured England and Europe with some of Rock’s legendary stars, like Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and my good friend David Foster. I attended parties with members of The Rolling Stones. In short I made my living &established myself as a good drummer……I did it all…and you can too!

“I’m interested in your success as a drummer”.

Imagine how you’ll feel over the next few months when you’ve mastered some of the best drum grooves around.

“Don’t wait”

  • It’s important that you take charge of your career now & build a drumming career you can be proud of.I encourage you to drop into my drum studio at Tempo-Trend Music, 410 Burnside Rd between
  • 1 and 2 pm Saturdays for a free lesson.

There’s no obligations to sign up.
You’ll have some fun and take away some new techniques to work on at home.
Take a minute and visit check out testimonials then drop in on Saturday.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.
Cheers, Barry 250-721-2113