(A little web research reveals a lot).

First drum kit.
The drum kit started to evolve in the 1890’s when people started to incorporate the bass drum and cymbals in their performance.

First drum kit sold
The first drum kit to be sold was in the 1920’s and the Hi-Hat was added in the 1930’s

The first bass drum pedal
Ludwig drums founded the first workable bass drum pedal in 1909


Longest Marathon Drumming
It lasted 122 hrs. And 25 minutes and was done by Kunto Hartono in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia in 1912.

World’s largest drum kit
Biggest drum kit was 813 pieces and took 36 years to build. It takes 15 hours and 4 people to put it up and one hour to hit each individual piece. Created by Dr. Mark Temperato.

Most Famous female drummer.
Her name is Viola Smith and she is 104 years old
and claims that playing drums contributed to her longevity. (So unless you’re 104 you should sign up with me for lessons quickly)

The longest drum roll
It was 8 hours 1 minute and 17 seconds performed by Christopher Anthony in a California shopping centre in 2012


World’s Best Drum Clinic
My drop-in Drum Seminar still happening every Saturday from 1 – 2 p.m.
at Tempo-Trend 410 Burnside Rd East. Drop in for some free help with drumming.

OK, just thought while I had your attention I would drop this in (sneaky huh?)

Electric Drums Back in the 80’s electric drums became popular but people thought that would be the end of the traditional drum set but turns out drummers prefer the real thing over electronic sets and besides real men don’t eat Quiche(smile)
Did you Know
Deaf Leppard drummer Rick Allen used a semi-electric drum kit following the loss of one arm in an accident in 1984

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