As drummers when we hear the word “Sticking” we are talking about the order of right and left hand patterns When we hear the word “Voicing” we are talking about which drum or cymbal we are striking.

A Single stroke roll is simply RLRLRLRL. Played as Quarter notes it would be counted 1,2,3,4.Played as eighth notes counted: 1a2a3a4a As sixteenth notes counted: 1eaa2eaa3eaa4eaa. The sticking pattern for all three is the same RLRLRLRL.

The sticking pattern for a Para-diddle is: RLRR -LRLL. The sticking pattern for a Double Para-diddle is: RLRLRR – LRLRLL. For a Para-diddle-Diddle: RLRRLL.

Now we could learn any of these rudiments on the snare and get pretty good at playing them. We then try to change our “Voicing” and introduce say the “Small Tom” or “Large Tom” while still Playing one of these rudiments. Now playing becomes more difficult. The consistent sound of a Para-diddle on the snare changes with the introduction of another voice (the small tom). This happens with any rudiment or drum lick. You need to experiment lots with any new rudiment you are learning and take in the new sound (Voice) because this is where your door to your creativity will really open up for you.

It’s a great way to practice drums and very creative to introduce a rudiment to other voices, whether it is high hat, toms or even bass drum. Suddenly you hear a different sound from what had been playing on just the snare. I have had some of my most enjoyable moments practicing with this technique in mind. I’ll be playing away and Boom!! “What was that”? It was a moment of discovery and it all came from introducing another voice to the pattern.

Rudiments are the different pieces of Chicken in the pot, the other voices are the Secret Sauce plus Eleven Herbs and Spices. “I know, I know,…I should stick to drumming”!…but try it out anyway.

Cheers, Barry
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