I always felt learning to drum had some major health benefits
(below is the scientific proof)

(printed by permission – all rights reserved) copyright Barry Casson (C)

If you know anyone who has to deal with the conditions below perhaps a few drum lessons could be of help to them.
I had one student a couple of years back who suffered some brain damage from a car accident. His doctor told
him drum lessons was the best thing he could do.

Drum therapy is currently being used for people with brain injuries, or impairment, physical injuries, arthritis, addictions and more. Studies are finding numerous health benefits from drumming for people with these conditions.
Recent studies have confirmed that drumming reduces stress,, anxiety and tension while lowering blood pressure.

A medical research study indicates that drumming does boost the immune system. According to cancer expert Barry Bittman MD, the study demonstrates that group drumming actually increases cancer killing cells, which help the body fight cancer and other viruses.

Music Educator, Ed Mikenas says “Drumming emphasizes self-expression, teaches how to rebuild emotional health, and addresses issues of violence and conflict through expression and integration of emotions”.
Drumming produces deeper self-awareness by inducing synchronous brain activity (hemispheric Coordination) and promoting alpha waves.

Drumming produces a sense of spirituality, connectedness and community, integrating body, mind and spirit.
Drumming is interactive. It’s about timing and coordination, both of which force participants to be in the present moment. When a person is firmly grounded in the present, stressful situations in the past are forgotten and worries of the future are minimized.

Drumming provides a method by which people can hear and be heard, a non verbal language by which they can express themselves.